Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not Necessarily How I Think

After being single for over 3 years that instinctual feeling to pair up has grown stronger inside of me.  But there are some things that are making me want to stay out of  the whole monogamy game.  And Guys, feel free to chime in and back me on this.  Or disagree...

You see a girl on TV and man she is smoking hot, which makes sense as to why she's on TV.  You think to yourself, I'm not too bad looking of a guy and I am a great person.  If I could talk to a girl like that I surely can get a date with her and once she gets to know me I'm in for sure.  Right guys?  No, wrong!  See, I have seen more and more of the same.  You don't have what she's looking for.

There was this bartender at this establishment I frequented, and man she was very attractive.  I strike up a conversation in which she made mention several times to her boyfriend.  Now I'm not the asshole that's like see ya later once I find out she's committed.  I can hang and talk with anyone, so I did.  And the more I talk to her I find out she smart, articulate, and a bartender because she is working her way though her second stint in nursing school.  So then, I'm curious as to what kind of guy has her so wrapped up that she mentioned him in conversation in the first 30 seconds.  She ends up asking me if I want to meet this obvious Dwayne Johnson/Ryan Reynolds lookalike.  I say yeah sure, well she walks me over to a guy that looks like an uglier David Morse.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001556/  Now this girl is 27, super fit, and just plain gorgeous, and he looks like a catchers mitt. 

Well here's the story, he is the son of (insert rich father), or the head of (insert awesome job), or he owns (insert lucky construction company).  The short of it is the guy is loaded.  I know this isn't always the case, a young couple can meet in college and marry, a really nice poor guy can meet and win the heart of beautiful young girl.  Or what happens in small towns a lot, meet in high school and he proposes right after they find out she's pregnant.  But for the most part if she's a young attractive girl and she's with and older, ugly, no personality having, idiot, he is loaded.  So then what does that say about her?

This isn't the only frustration, and that isn't always the case.  There is the curse of being awesome!  Being the guy that has a lot of friend that are girls who all think you will make some girl the luckiest girl in the world...  But just not them.  Damn that gets old!

You meet a girl and you make your interest know right up front but you can't gage hers so you keep at it. Then you say something, "hey I really like you and am willing to start a relationship with you."  Then she hits you with, "I only see us as friends!"  SHIT!! 

I am way beyond the going out and rawdogging some random, and I am not loaded, and I am stuck with a bunch of female friends that I would also be with!  So what do I do...

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  1. Dude, you're going to have to expand your horizons. Start trolling for chicks OUTSIDE of the TN/GA area!

    1. But that's where I live. I am not doing long distance and I can't move.

  2. Look I agree that some females are flat out gold diggers who are looking to upgrade their lives. I`m not gonna say all, but 99% of women are attracted to material things even if its subconsciously.
    (See Dave Chapplle for reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW8vZEF4UA0 )

    I`m not gonna throw all good looking women into the gold digger pile just because they like material things. Shit I like material things! The issue becomes when material things are THE most important thing. It depends on the women too. A career women isn't about to start a relationship with a man with no money. Shit just ain't gonna happen. She's come to expect certain comforts in life and that's just the way it is.

    Hell I don't blame them. I`m not above knocking out a random but I have certain criteria when we get to talking about a serious relationship.We have to be able to talk about more than Teen Mom and Basketball Wives.

    1. I agree, I wasn't saying all women. And there are more than just that obstacle.