Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bubba Chucks

Recently the 10 year anniversary passed of Allen Iverson's infamous press conference where he emphatically stated that they were asking about a playoff practice he showed up late to. I watched as ESPN made a mockery of it with several players, former and current, making comments on it. Karl Malone, Russel Westbrook, and others were looped over and over saying the famous line; "Practice, we talkin' bout' practice." Here's why this pissed me off.

Though a rough past, and some bad decisions, Allen Iverson was one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history and should be remembered as such.  The man is second only to MJ in playoff points average (with 71 games) and 17th on the all time scoring list with 24,368 points.  The dude could flat out light it up.  So why is it that ESPN, which mentioned none of this, took so much pleasure in destroying such and icon?  Let's be honest, he's more than just a little bit thuggish.  

In high school he almost caused the "VA riots", made a horrible rap album, and the list goes on.  But regardless of all of that, when the whistle blew, no one played with a bigger chip on his shoulder, he played as if his life were on the line.  Let's face it, his life was just about on the line, with his fearless attack of the rim, being only 6'0" (but really about 5'11") and 165 lbs, is dangerous.  But he did it play after play, that's something to marvel at.  So that thug side of him, that toughness that so many were quick to criticize is what made him so awesome to watch. 

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  1. I have many memories of him in the playoffs with a shoulder brace, four fingers wrapped up and I'm sure bruises we couldn't even see. He never backed down. I'll give him that.